Hardwood Floor Staining Services in Ottawa

We can match your existing floors with your new hardwood floors. Jean is an expert stain color technician. He creates unique color blends that are not sold on the market, which is ideal when it comes to matching new wood with old wood. Interior designers and architects greatly appreciate having this custom-tailored service. Procedure: Jean has a palette of samples of stain colors to choose from. He will also mention that he can custom make specific colors. Ensuring that you know that you have that option. Then he will apply the color directly on a 3′ by 3′ section of your sanded floor. Then ask if you want him to make the stain tone darker, lighter, or blending in another color.

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Please include:  1) details of your hardwood floor project, or problem you are facing, 2) job address, 3) full name of contact, and 4) contact number. Upon reception of your message, Sabrina will contact you to schedule a date and time for Jean to come see your floors.