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If an old wood floor cannot be restored or repaired―we are the experts to let you know. We are highly experienced with all types of hardwoods, floor conditions and damages, including ongoing experience with historic old wood floors. Jean Chouinard has seen it all. Hardwood is all that he has done all his life. There is absolutely nothing that he came across that he could not resolve. As experts in reviving old wood floors, historic property owners and property managers trust our personalized service because we ensure that natural old wood floors maintain their highest value. Which in turn is reflected on the value of a heritage property.

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Please include:  1) details of your hardwood floor project, or problem you are facing, 2) job address, 3) full name of contact, and 4) contact number. Upon reception of your message, Sabrina will contact you to schedule a date and time for Jean to come see your floors.