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Since 1922 Our Roots Grow Down Deep

Residential – Commercial – Organizational – Governmental

What Makes Us Stand Out

Old Wood Floor Doctor

We fix all kinds of problems. There is no problem that Jean came across that he could not resolve. If a hardwood floor issue cannot be repaired we are the experts to let you know.

Custom Color Stain Technician

We can match your existing floors with your new hardwood. Jean creates unique color blends that are not sold on the market. An offering that interior designers and architects appreciate.

Large Surface Maintenance

Senior contacts in the builder and developer circles of the city call Jean “The Wood Whisperer.” Jean was taught the old fashion way and honor his roots. Independent contractors’, construction companies’, and general floor stores’ refer Jean because his dexterity is supreme.

Specialty Woods We Have Access To

We can have custom-made specialty cuts and quality rare woods that can’t be found in regular stores, and the delivery service we receive on custom-tailored orders is exclusive.

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Since 1922

Building a Network of Happy Feet!

Royal Hardwood Floors services Ottawa with superior work in refinishing, staining, installation, repair, restoration, stair capping, handrail building, gymnasium finish with game line design, and large surface maintenance.

As a small business specializing in high quality hardwood flooring services, we are not a store that sells merchandise, and we have no showroom―however, we do have providers for quality rare woods and custom rare cuts. Interior designers and architects greatly appreciate this specialty of ours.

We value quality work done consciously and pay attention to details, whether it be residential, commercial, organizational, or governmental―you can count on Jean’s wisdom and  word because his dexterity, craftsmanship and lineage is transparent.

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We, at Royal Hardwood Floors, offer you peace of mind with our well-rooted experience, personalized service and quality labor. There’s no middle man. All work is done and supervised by Jean himself.

Returning on the job to fix problems, is not something we encounter often. Even if old homes do have a personality of their own, Jean has his way with hardwood no matter new or old wood. A regular client-contractor calls Jean “The Wood Whisperer.”

Once you shake Jean’s hand, you will feel his energy and passion. You will be reassured without a shadow of a doubt that your floors―are in good trusted hands.

What’s unique about our small effective team, and what makes us stand out, is that Jean’s cousins’, brother and step-brother have also been in the industry all their lives. Hence, for large surface projects with thousands of feet, back up help is just a call away. That’s right, hardwood floors is a family affair.

Our Clients

Besides private homes, school gymnasiums, restaurants and stores
we have done work for:

Judge Offices in the Parliament
Our Prime Minister’s Cottage in Lac Meech
The Aga Khan Foundation Canada
Home of the Ambassador of Spanish Embassy
Home of the Ambassador of Kuwait Embassy
Embassy of China
Embassy of Belgium
Fort St-Jean Military Base
The Bank of Canada
Museum of Civilization
Richmond Hill Shopping Center in Toronto

Our Services


Do your floors and stairs endure lots of traffic? Are they dull and lifeless with scratches, water damage and gaps that ruin they appearance?


We are experienced with, and install all types of hardwood flooring; solid (unfinished), pre-finished, engineered, large planks, small planks (custom-order), laminate (floating floors) and parquetry.

Old Wood Floor Doctor

We bring old wood floors back to life! We are highly knowledgeable and experienced with all types of hardwoods, floor conditions and damages, including ongoing experience with historic old wood floors.

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613 809-5119

Please include:  1) details of your hardwood floor project, or problem you are facing, 2) job address, 3) full name of contact, and 4) contact number. Upon reception of your message, Sabrina will contact you to schedule a date and time for Jean to come see your floors.